Has it been that long?

chelsea's outfit

Wow, time flies doesn’t it? I’ve been meaning to post sooner, but time and desire just didn’t line up. Been busy though.

1) My youngest daughter and grandson moved into their own home–happy and sad at the same time about this.

2) In the middle of remodeling–living and dining rooms are empty and stripped down to bare floors.  Looks like I was robbed — lol.

3) Sewing room is back in action. *** I made a cutting table !!! *** (pics to follow) I’m so proud of myself. Studio is nearly finished and more organized than it’s ever been.

4) My sewing mojo is back!!! Hallelujah!! I’ve been turning out some pretty good stuff. I want to sew. Visions and ideas are coming and I actually have plans in place. My daughter loves her outfit and posted it on facebook (which is phenomenal to me). I’m working on some jogger pants for my oldest daughter. Tunics and elastic waist pants for me.

5) Getting labels, business cards, and packaging materials soon. Getting my business in order!

6) Getting healthy! Cooking for one is a lot easier than I thought. My nutritional needs and preferences are my only meal prep consideration. “It’s not only ok to be selfish in this area, it’s critical” spoken by my nutritionist  a while back when I explained I was cooking for two daughters who both weighed about one hundred pounds and a toddler.

I was raised the southern way of cooking and eating. You cooked enough to feed a community–you never knew when company would stop by and everything was homemade and calorie laden. My grandmothers and other relatives didn’t have much but they would always offer a visitor a meal, dessert, and something to drink. It was ‘the Christian way’ of doing things. A simple act of human compassion. Sometimes it was a plate of beans, a piece of cornbread and a glass of sweet tea.  it satisfied and comforted the empty belly.

Those traditions have remained in me and I still believe in simple acts of human compassion. I have the gift of hospitality and decided to use it when the occasion arises but sparingly on myself. I don’t need a soul food banquet to be hospitable to myself.

You’re never too old to try new things. I’m smiling on my journey.

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