What had happened was…



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My grandson came to live with me. Two and half years old…he been with me off and on since he was born, but now it is a more permanent situation. I have been busy to say the least. If nothing else, he keeps me on my toes, fairly disciplined, and working on areas in my own life that require redirection.

Jaxon is potty training now — my patience is stretched beyond measure. Boys are definitely harder to train. He flat out told me “Nana, I don’t want to use the potty chair”. I finally told him “You’re going to be potty trained by the time you turn three, in the Name of Jesus!!!!”. He looked at me like “yeah… ok, sure whatever you say–lol”.

I really feel he will be the next Lebron James. He lives, talks, and breathes basketball–and plays exceptionally well, for a two year old. His dad played basketball in high school and got a scholarship to play college basketball, so I guess Jaxon’s skills are inherited.

Sewing has been on hold since last June. Working toward getting back in my sew flow. Designed lots of styles for the plus sized woman, new ideas, business cards, clothing labels all lined up for production. I’m starting with African skirts, basic styles, and creating custom fitted garments.

Semi-retired and making plans for decorating and sprucing up my living spaces (more later on that)– new living/great room furniture, window treatments, painting, etc.

So life is happening for me–I just haven’t been reporting it.

In the meantime, keep looking out for me.  You just never know when I’ll pop up!

3 thoughts on “What had happened was…

  1. Wow! This is much my sewing Sis.

    I tried the sew ankara skirts, got business cards, blah, blah. Perhaps it will work for you (or by now IS working). Seems I kept saying, “But this is not your Target, Walmart, ______ product”. I gave up. I was attempting bespoke skirts. Anywho . . . . . Will you have a separate website/blog for your wares?

    You obviously have the patience of Job. Bless your heart. I have five grandchildren and have babysat one maybe twenty years ago, LOL.

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